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The first scene (following the introduction to the concept of the Polynesian word mana) takes place in a Navajo hogan (round mud-covered house) in northern Arizona. A stargazer ceremony is performed by a traditional medicine man, who invokes the guardian spirits to help him diagnose and treat the illness of his neighbor with the help of quartz crystals and other power objects. In the dark he chants a long prayer, only a short portion of which is included in the movie. The translation of the entire chant is:

You will live.

From here to eternity.

This is the way it will be.

So it will be with beauty.


You holy people,

all of you, so here:

Black Streak Belt [Sierra Blanca Peak],

Big Mountain [Mount Taylor],

Rainbow [San Francisco Peak],

Big Sheep [La Plata Mountain],

Moves Around It [Huerfano Mesa],

Eastern Entrance [Gobernador Knob],


Mountain of Leader,

Tip of the Diverse Corn,

Sunwise Motion,

Dark Gila Monster,

Blue Gila Monster,

Yellow Gila Monster,

White Gila Monster,

Spotted Gila Monster,

Knowledge, you are the one with understanding.


You have helped us with this much.

With that, we will have a good place.

With that, we will receive in a good way.

Here, You have brought understanding of it all.


According to it, we have put a prayer behind it,

with it, we have a good place.

Forever, to the end of days.


That is why, you have brought understanding of it all, here.

You holy people.


They are our children.

They are our little ones.

They are our medicine.

For them, too, they will live in a good way.


And they will continue on in their lives.

For this reason, they have their own children.

Their maternal grandchildren.

Their paternal grandchildren.

Whomever their relatives are.


They will live with them in a good way.

They will move about with them in good health.

Here, they will, in a good way,

return home to their children again.


For this reason, this prayer will have saved us.


So that, here, we will have been healed,

in this place.

With this, this place will be.

So it is this way.


So that in this way,

You have brought understanding

of all this to us.


Crystal Boy.

Crystal Girl.


It will be in Beauty.


Flying Boy.

Big Eagle Girl.

Eagle Girl.


It will be in Beauty, here.

You have brought us understanding.


White Star.

The Sharp Star you are,

here, you brought us understanding.


With it, this place will be in a good way.

With it, we will not be affected by the evil ones,


You will be a protection for us.


For this reason, here,

You are the Crystal Young Men,

The Young Woman,

It will be in Beauty,

You are all standing to protecting us.


With that, all evil will fear us.

With it, this place will be feared of.

With it, they will fear us.

For this reason, they will try to hurt us,

You will overpower them.


With it, we will live here in that same strength.

Forever, to the end of days.

For that reason, we are here.

It will only be of good.


The holy people, all of You, here.

In this way, here, this prayer

I have said, with all of it.

With it, we will have beauty come our way from all over.


Here, the Dark Wood Lightning,

Blue Wood Lightning,

Yellow Wood Lightning,

White Wood Lightning,

Shining Wood Lightning,

You all are,

Here, standing to protect us.


Protect us with Your Voice,

Your Prayer to protect us,

And Your Chanting will be heard.

With it, we will be feared.


Dark Thunder,

Blue Thunder,

Yellow Thunder,

White Thunder,

Black Thunder,

You who are the Spotted Thunder,

Here, you exist from Heaven.


In this way, you will protect us.


We will be feared in this place.

With it, we will be feared.


With it, they will try and not succeed.


The Monster that has tried us.

With it, the Monster has tried us.

And, it will be that the Monster has tried us.

Forever, to the end of days.

With this, we will be feared.


All our neighbors, here, will be in a good way.

Be with them, for us.

The people who think good of us,

our elderly men,

our young men,

our young daughters,

our children,

all of them in a good way.

May they be in good health.


They will not be affected in anyway.

Whatever going against them will not penetrate them.

It will be this way forever into eternity.


I will have said this prayer,

with which, I have spoken to you about.

With it, everything

will have become whole again.


To the South,


and South,


and North,

and to the Center of the Earth,

to the Center of the Heavens,

it will have become good again.