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Quick Facts

Title: "MANA - beyond belief"


French title: "Mana - le pouvoir des choses"

German title: "Mana - Die Macht der Dinge"


92 minutes (including credits), color, shot in 1080/25psf (HDcam) available as HD projection (HDcam 1080/25p, 1:1,78), or as 35mm film transfer. LTRT Stereo, Dolby digital sound. Completed April 2004.


Original language: Recorded in 16 languages, all subtitled in English.


Directors: Peter Friedman and Roger Manley


Peter Friedman, Co-director

70A Greenwich Avenue #377

New York, NY 10011 USA

Phones: [US:] (212)642-5309 [France:] (011)+33-1-4379-3754

Fax: (011)+33-1-4314-3430 (Attn. PETER FRIEDMAN/JENNIFER SABBAH)

Email: P [dot] Friedman [at] strange [dash] attractions [dot] com


Roger Manley, Co-director

4 passage des Abbesses, Boite 24

F-75018 Paris FRANCE

Phones: [US:] (919)490-7972 [France:] (011)+33-1-4535-5384

Fax: (011)+33-1-4314-3430 (Attn. ROGER MANLEY/JENNIFER SABBAH)

Email: Rmanley [at] aol [dot] com


Film URL:


Shot in HD video, with digital post-production.

Transferred to 35mm or available for HD projection.

When production began (in 2000) Mana--beyond belief was the first documentary

worldwide to use 24P HD equipment.


Brief descriptive text:


What do giant tuna fish have in common with Elvis's guitar? Mana - a Polynesian word for power or prestige. Every culture has mana objects, whether they be religious, artistic, economic, patriotic or ridiculous . . . . Mana - beyond belief is a trip around the world from a Navajo medicine man's mud-covered hogan to the eternity of space, from the most ancient of technologies to the most complex, from the concrete world of objects to the projected world of values, and from the individual's attempt to comprehend the secret powers surrounding him to the power our own minds give us to shape our experiences.


Primary Production Credits:


Directors, writers, producers: Peter Friedman and Roger Manley

Strange Attractions Inc., New York City


Co-producers: ADR Productions (Paris), Egoli Tossell Film

(Berlin), Scarabee Films (Netherlands), KoppMedia (Germany)


Principal Cinematographers: Van Theodore Carlson, Jacques Besse, Eric Guichard


Editor: Laurent Pineau